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Author, Educator, Family Historian, Mother... Storyteller

Katie Andrews Potter is a writer at heart. She has been a writer since she could pick up a pencil and form words on the page. She has been a storyteller for even longer. Today, Katie is a published author, educator, family historian, a wife and mother... a storyteller. Her books include everything from young adult fiction to children's literature, and she also blogs about everything from family history for kids to mental health. 

She has written for Indianapolis Moms Blog, The In-Depth Genealogist, and she has also written guest posts for homeschooling blogs such as Lit Mama Homeschool and Proverbial Homemaker. In 2017, she launched a blog called Storybook Ancestor, dedicated to encouraging children to tell the stories of their ancestors. Storybook Ancestor will soon find a new home on this site, along with several book reviews, as Katie is a dedicated reader, especially of children's books and young adult fiction. 

Katie's favorite place to blog now is on Medium, where she is a Top Writer in the category of Mental Health. Drawing off her experiences living with bipolar disorder and anxiety,  she writes to share and bring hope to others living with mental health issues. 

Katie, as you can see has been all over the place in terms of her writing - so it was about time that she find her very own home on the Internet. Welcome to that place.

Katie has big goals for 2018. She plans to continue writing about family history and mental health, but her biggest plans include publishing the third novel in her series The Wayfaring Sisters, and a second children's book. 

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